Sell With Us

Grow Your Business With EWedded

Our uniquely curated marketplace serves to help independent retailers and brands easily and responsibly liquidate excess inventory and we provide a platform for artisan and conscious companies to build brand awareness and revenues by introducing their products to our demographic of marrying couples and their loved ones.

Flexible Options to Suit Your Business Model

  • Liquidation - we take possession of your goods and facilitate the entire sales process 
    • Retailers - consignment
    • Brands - closeout partner
  • Dropshipping - You keep the stock.  We accept orders on your behalf and forward them on to you to fulfill.  

Minimal Fees. Peace of Mind. Huge Reward.

* No listing fees

* 85% earned income per sold item for dropshippers and 40% for consignors

* Payments in your bank account within 21-days of the sale

* Sell new, surplus and discontinued products

* A niche community looking for products just like yours

* Easy product integration

* Seamless processing and shipping

* Seller protection and personalized customer service to help you sell your goods faster

We’re Your Partner

A myriad of marketplaces have proven that online resale options can cooperatively coexist with luxury brands.

There will always be a predominant number of shoppers who will desire the personal attention, tangibility and relationships that are experienced in a bricks-and-mortar business, but there’s also the consumer who wants access to luxury goods without all the pomp and price tags. This is who we serve. We would love for you to Join us.

EWedded is the solution for retailers to add an e-commerce channel for merchandise that’s no longer current or no longer suitable for your boutique clients. For brands, it’s a way to extend the life of your product and your name in the market. By creating a ‘circle of life’ for high fashion goods we add to the sustainability of our ecosystem.  Everyone wins.